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Interior design has exploded in popularity in Dubai over the past decade. As the city has established itself as a luxurious destination, demand for high-end interior design has grown exponentially. People want to ensure their homes and businesses showcase Dubai’s extravagant style.

Finding the best interior designers in dubai is critical to creating an outstanding space. Top designers understand how to blend modern aesthetics with traditional Emirati influences. They keep up with the latest trends while creating timeless spaces. Expert designers know how to work within the constraints of a space to create a functional yet impressive result.

Hiring one of Dubai’s premier interior design firms is an investment, but it pays off with a jaw-dropping, comfortable, personalized interior that reflects your unique taste and style. This guide shares tips and recommendations to connect you with Dubai’s leading interior design talent.

Popular Interior Design Styles in Dubai

Dubai is known for its lavish interior design, with many homes and businesses opting for statement styles. When it comes to popular interior design aesthetics, three styles stand out in Dubai:

Modern and Contemporary

Clean lines, neutral colours, open floor plans, and an emphasis on functionality characterize modern and contemporary design. This style uses geometric shapes, glass, metal, high-end finishes, and the latest technology. Many modern homes in Dubai have panoramic views through floor-to-ceiling windows. The contemporary twist adds more colours and textures while maintaining the sleek modern aesthetic.

Classic and Traditional

In contrast to modern designs, classic and traditional interiors in Dubai draw inspiration from the past. This style features ornate detailing, dramatic lighting, and luxurious furnishings like crystal chandeliers, silk fabrics, velvets, Murano glass fixtures, gilded accents, and vintage or antique-inspired pieces. Deep, rich colour palettes and patterns like damask and toile are commonly used. The overall look is lavish, ornate, and palatial.

Eclectic and Fusion

Eclectic interiors draw inspiration from various aesthetics and combine them in one space, allowing for more personalization and quirkiness. An eclectic living room might feature a Persian rug, Moroccan pouffes, Scandinavian furniture, Victorian-style lighting, and modern art. Cultural fusion also plays a role, with Emirati, Middle Eastern, and Asian influences combined with contemporary elements. The overall effect is uniquely global and cosmopolitan.

Factors to Consider When Hiring an Interior Designer

Choosing the right interior designer is crucial for bringing your Vision to life. Here are some key factors to keep in mind during the selection process:

Experience and Portfolio – Examine examples of their previous work to get a feel for their style and skills. Look for designers who have completed projects similar to yours. Experienced designers will have a robust portfolio demonstrating their capabilities across different interior elements.

Style and Vision – consider whether the designer’s aesthetic aligns with your taste and your Vision for the space. Provide images, fabric swatches and inspiration boards to communicate your desired look and feel. Make sure they can articulate design concepts clearly.

Budget and Rates– Discuss project costs upfront and get quotes from multiple designers. Keep in mind that cheaper sometimes means better. Quality designers have rates reflecting their expertise but are open to working within different budgets. Ensure your budget aligns with their billing structure.

Reviews and References – Ask for client references and read online reviews. This offers insight into their work ethic, communication style, strengths and weaknesses. Strong reviews indicate satisfied clients who would hire them again. Take negative feedback with a grain of salt.

Doing your due diligence helps match you with an interior designer who shares your Vision, has the skills to execute it, and falls within your budget parameters. Prioritize designers who listen to your needs and make you feel comfortable expressing your desires.

Top Interior Design Firms in Dubai

Dubai is home to numerous world-class interior design firms known for their innovative designs and luxurious projects. Here are some of the top firms in Dubai:

Godwin Austen Johnson (GAJ)

Founded in 1999, GAJ is an award-winning firm known for its creative, contemporary designs for high-end residential and commercial projects. They have designed interiors for leading hotels such as the Armani Hotel and restaurants like Nobu. GAJ has received multiple awards from the International Property Awards and SBID International Design Awards.

Bishop Design

With over 35 years of experience, Bishop Design creates timeless luxury interiors for an elite clientele. They have designed royal palaces, luxury yachts, private jets, and ultra-high-net-worth homes across the UAE. Bishop Design has been recognized globally, winning F.X. Interior Design and European Property Awards awards.

1508 London

1508 London brings bespoke British design to Dubai with their upscale residential and hospitality projects. Their notable work includes the interiors of Address Downtown Dubai, Palazzo Versace Dubai, and premium villas at Serena and Damac projects. 1508 London has won accolades from International Property Awards and Design et al.

Murshid Interiors

Murshid Interiors is a well-established interior design company based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. They boast over 18 years of experience in transforming residential and commercial spaces into beautiful, functional, and elegant environments. Their team of skilled designers, engineers, and specialists work closely with clients to understand their unique needs and preferences, creating custom designs that reflect their individual style and personality.

Tabanlioğlu Architects

This leading Turkish firm expanded to Dubai in 2007 and has made its mark with ultra-luxury hotels, including The Atlantis Palm Jumeirah and Anantara Eastern Mangroves Hotel. Their diverse portfolio also includes high-rise residences, malls, airports, and museums across the Middle East. Tabanlioğlu has received numerous honors from ABB LEAF, MIPIM, and World Architecture Awards.

Emerging Interior Design Talent

Dubai’s interior design scene is constantly evolving, with new talent joining the field each year. Here are a few up-and-coming interior designers to look out for:

Sara Azhar

Sara Azhar is a young Emirati interior designer known for her elegant fusion of modern and traditional Arabic styles. After training in Milan, Azhar returned to Dubai to open her studio. Her work often features luxurious textures like velvet and traditional Islamic geometric patterns. Azhar has quickly built an impressive portfolio of high-end residences and boutique hospitality projects.

Rami Kashou

Palestinian-American designer Rami Kashou honed his skills in the U.S. before relocating to Dubai in 2016. Kashou’s minimalist style reflects the casual glamour of Southern California combined with Middle Eastern influences. Natural materials like stone and wood feature prominently in his designs. Kashou has worked on commercial and residential projects, including the new Kempinski Hotel at Jumeirah Beach.

Yasmine Mahmoudieh

French-Lebanese architect Yasmine Mahmoudieh founded her multidisciplinary studio in Dubai in 2010. Her cutting-edge designs fuse contemporary and Middle Eastern influences. Mahmoudieh incorporates regional artisanal crafts and custom materials into sleek, modernist forms. She has designed exhibition spaces, restaurants, boutiques, and private residences across the UAE and internationally. Mahmoudieh represents the innovative next generation of Dubai designers.

Interior Designer Rates in Dubai

The cost of hiring an interior designer in Dubai can vary greatly depending on several factors. Here is an overview of average hourly rates and what impacts the total cost.

Average Hourly Rates

On average, interior designers in Dubai typically charge between AED 200-800 per hour. The rate depends on the designer’s experience, qualifications, demand, and complexity. Some of the typical average hourly rates are:

  • Junior designers or assistants: AED 200-300
  • Mid-level designers: AED 300-500
  • Senior designers or principals: AED 500-800

Reputable firms tend to be more expensive, while independent designers may be more affordable. It is essential to inquire about specific rates when interviewing potential candidates.

Factors Affecting Cost

The total cost of hiring an interior designer depends on more than just the hourly rate. Some key factors that can increase the overall budget include:

  • Project size and scope – Larger homes or commercial spaces take longer.
  • Level of customization – Bespoke furniture and finishes are more expensive.
  • Designer’s qualifications and experience.
  • Accessories, fixtures, furnishings – The designer’s specifications can range in cost.
  • Number of revisions and meetings needed.

The design fee may include a percentage markup on furniture and construction costs. Some designers charge flat project rates, while others bill by the hour. Clarifying fee structures upfront can help avoid surprise costs.

To keep interior design affordable, focus on high-impact changes in critical areas instead of fully customizing every space. Moreover, work with designers who can suggest budget-friendly options.

Questions to Ask When Interviewing Designers

Hiring an interior designer in Dubai for your home or office is a big decision. You’ll be working closely with them throughout the design process, so it is important to ensure you choose someone who is the right fit. When interviewing potential designers, here are some key questions you will want to ask:

Design Philosophy and Style

  • What is your overall design philosophy and style? Do you have a speciality (modern, traditional, etc.)?
  • Do you have experience designing in the style I am looking for? Can I see examples in your portfolio?
  • How do you stay up-to-date on the latest interior design trends?
  • How do you incorporate your client’s existing pieces into a new design?
  • How do you determine the priorities and Vision for each client?

Project Management Process

  • Walk me through your typical design process from start to finish.
  • How do you collaborate with clients throughout the project? How often do we meet?
  • Who handles selecting furniture, fixtures, etc – you or the client?
  • Do you have partnerships with vendors from whom you source items?
  • What is your quality control process like during a project?

Portfolio and Past Work

  • Can I see your portfolio of completed projects similar to mine?
  • May I have references or testimonials from past clients I can contact?
  • Do you have experience working within my budget?

Getting answers to these questions will help you understand if a designer’s expertise matches your needs and their process fits with your expectations. Be sure to ask for examples and specifics from their previous work. The designer you choose will majorly impact bringing your interior design vision to life.

Interior Design Resources in Dubai

Dubai has numerous resources for interior designers and design enthusiasts to take advantage of. Here are some of the top resources:

Industry Associations

  • The Interior Design Society – This organization connects interior designers in the UAE through networking events, design competitions, and an industry directory. Members also have access to seminars, workshops, and continuing education programs.
  • International Interior Design Association (IIDA) – The Emirates Chapter of IIDA hosts an annual design exhibition highlighting new talent and organizes talks featuring leading designers. They also offer professional development courses.
  • American Society of Interior Designers (ASID) – The Dubai chapter provides education, community, advocacy, and more for local designers. It also hosts an annual gala to recognize outstanding projects.


  • Commercial Interior Design – This leading publication covers the latest projects, products, and news in the Middle East design scene. It’s a go-to source for staying current.
  • Interior Design Magazine – The Middle East edition spotlights innovative spaces and rising regional designers. It’s packed with design inspiration.
  • Blueprint – This high-end quarterly focuses on architecture and design in the Gulf. It features in-depth profiles of firms and lookbooks of stunning interiors.


  • Downtown Design – Held each November, this is the premier design fair in Dubai showcasing furniture, lighting, and more from global brands alongside up-and-coming local designers.
  • INDEX – This major exhibition displays leading manufacturers and vendors’ newest interior products and materials. It offers opportunities to network and learn.
  • Indeco – Billed as the region’s longest-running design show, Indeco allows you to browse the latest furnishings and connect with suppliers. Talks and workshops are also held.

Tips for Working With an Interior Designer

When hiring an interior designer in Dubai, it is essential to set clear expectations and communicate openly throughout the project. Here are some tips for working effectively with a designer:

Communicate Your Vision and Style

  • Provide inspirational images, fabric swatches, colour palettes, etc., to convey your aesthetic preferences. Be as specific as possible.
  • Explain how you want the space to feel and be used. Discuss your lifestyle, habits, and goals for the redesign.
  • Point out any existing elements you want to keep or incorporate. This helps the designer plan around what you already have.

Establish a Timeline and Budget

  • Discuss your ideal timeline for completion. Be realistic about how long interior design projects take.
  • Set a clear budget and decide how to handle potential cost overruns. Many designers can work within specific budgets.
  • Understand extra costs like custom furniture, installations, shipping, etc. Get all pricing and fees in writing.
  • Allow buffers in the timeline and budget for delays or unforeseen expenses. Interior design projects often take longer and cost more than initially expected.

Request Regular Progress Updates

  • Agree on a communication schedule and project management process. Many designers provide digital project trackers.
  • Check-in at project milestones for progress reports and next steps.
  • Review materials, finishes, and furniture choices as they are selected. Provide timely feedback.
  • Be available to make prompt decisions to avoid holding up the schedule.

Trust Your Designer’s Expertise

  • Let your designer take the lead on pulling everything together into a cohesive design plan.
  • Respect their experience and don’t make drastic changes without consulting them.
  • Be open to designers suggesting ideas outside your initial Vision – they may have new creative solutions.
  • Discuss any concerns professionally, not confrontationally. Designers want you to be happy with the results.

By clearly communicating your interior design goals and budget, and working cooperatively with your chosen designer, you can turn your dream space into a reality.


So, where can you find the best interior designers in Dubai to transform your home or office? Based on their portfolios, client reviews, unique styles, and prominence in the design community, some of the top firms in Dubai include:

  • Motif Custom Design – Known for its luxurious and elegant interiors for residential and commercial projects. They have won awards for their creative designs.
  • Dust Design – This boutique firm creates high-end contemporary designs. It uses bold colours and shapes to create artistic interiors.
  • Avoiding Exaggeration – Specializes in minimalist, functional spaces. Their focus is on simplicity and subtle details.
  • Platinum Interiors – An established firm that designs glamorous interiors for hotels, restaurants, and more. Their designs feature ornate accents and rich textures.
  • Emerging Talents – Talented independent designers and new firms, such as Rayan Hayek, Nada Debs, and T.S. Design, are also worth watching.

The right interior designer depends on your style, budget and project needs. Meet with a few firms before deciding. Look at their previous work and testimonials. Make sure you communicate your Vision. With Dubai’s stellar design scene, you’ll be able to find sophisticated interiors to suit your tastes.

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