What is Google site kit? 10 Reasons How this WordPress plugin will help you?


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It’s challenging to build a successful website without the help of statistics from Google Analytics or Search Console, but when handling a domain on WordPress, having access to these services can be pretty unwieldy. Finally, that’s all starting to change.

Google Site Kit is a new, Free WordPress plugin that bundles some of the most essential and helpful Google services into one convenient package deal. From impressions and search engine scores to website loading speed and Google Ads, Site Kit unifies the best insights from Google merchandise into one dashboard. That means even a non-technical person can get pinnacle-tier site facts without leaving WordPress, making it easier to grow your site traffic, increase your profits and get your website out in the world.

Google released Site Kit in June 2019 as a developer preview. Since then, Google has accumulated feed. It’s Incredibly Easy to Set Up and make essential updates.

On Thursday (October 31, 2019), Google launched its Site Kit WordPress plugin for everyone to apply. So, it’s formally out of beta. And Google says it has now “considerably simplified the setup waft, fixed masses of buts and polished the principle consumer flows.”

What is a google site kit? 10 Reasons How this WordPress plugin will help you?

1. Get insights at a glance with curated reports in analytics

Once you set up Google Site Kit, now you have access to all of the most critical insights about your website’s performance at a glance – Good thing is this is all in WordPress. This means that now you don’t have to pay any extra money to any of the other plugins that charge you hundreds of Dollars, and also, you don’t need to go to a couple of other websites to see how your web page is doing. It’s all displayed on one effortlessly readable dashboard.

2. It’s Incredibly Easy to Set Up

This plugin comes with the ease and effectiveness everyone expects from Google. This Google Site kit WordPress plugin was built with the ideology and mindset that this plugin will increase effectiveness and productivity and save time by providing all solutions in one dashboard. To use it, download the Google Site Kit, add it to WordPress as a new plugin, and then authenticate and verify your website. After that, you’re all set to go.

3. You Can Add the Services You Want

Once you install the plugin and set up your account, you may start connecting more Google services. By default, the plugin connects you to Google Analytics; however, you may add Google Search ConsoleGoogle AdSense, and Google Page Speed Insights to better check out your web page’s overall performance. We can expect more excellent functions to be added because the plugin gets in addition to development.

4. View Page Stats from the Admin Bar

Instead of clicking thru the default stats sections on WordPress to parent out how certainly one of your pages is doing, this Google tool will let you get admission to page stats without delay from the admin bar at the same time as surfing your site. This remarkable time-saving characteristic provides you with extra flexibility to get the records you want faster.

5. See How Your Site is Ranking

Before you write your blog post, you can go to Google Site Kit to determine which keywords bring the most traffic to your website. The plugin’s Search Console integration will give you many beneficial records concerning your average search engine role, click-through fee, impressions, and keywords.

6. Make it Easier to Track Ad Earnings.

Connecting AdSense to this new Google WordPress plugin will help you screen your profits from the plugin dashboard, making it less complicated than ever to look at how your content works for you. If you haven’t joined Google AdSense, you may quickly sign on thru activities inside the plugin. Why not get another income stream going?

7. Get Actionable Tips from Page Speed

Page Speed Insights is one of the outstanding services included in the Site Kit tool plugin. You can use it to diagnose any issues with your WordPress website’s loading performance (It even compares your website to other actual-world websites so that you can live aggressively and improve the website quality continuously). Not only that, but this WordPress plugin also presents actionable, WordPress-tailor-made advice on how to optimize your loading pace whenever it finds problems.

8. Enjoy the Best of Google Analytics in One Place

Of course, what would a website stats tool be without Google Analytics? After you download and set up the Site Kit WordPress plugin, you’ll gain immediate access to Analytics, supplying you with plenty of conversion-boosting insights about how visitors discover your pages and entire dreams.

9. It’s Completely Free

You heard it right– Google Site Kit WordPress plugin is an entirely Free WordPress plugin; as long as you’re using a WordPress plan that allows you to get admission to plugins, you must use it.

10. It’s Still Growing

Better yet, it’s still in its early stages, so plenty of recent features are on the way. On the Google Site Kits FAQ page, the developers point out that they plan to make the plugin’s talents bigger. Google recently upto date Google Site Kit throughout its beta stage. Once extra users test-power the plugin, Google may make additional updates in version 2.0.


Google Site Kit is an incredibly promising new WordPress plugin to give you smooth-to-digest insights from the dashboard. If you want extra superior reports, you may even get entry to relevant Google merchandise with the aid of the following links embedded in the plugin outcomes. This new Google tool is an essential plugin for website owners trying to kick-start, monetize and develop their websites.

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