Schengen Visa Requirements For Chinese National/Green Card Holders


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Schengen visas are highly sought-after travel documents for those hoping to explore Europe freely. While the application process can be straightforward for some applicants, it may prove more complex Schengen visa for Chinese nationals or Green Card holders – here we’ll address specific requirements that apply specifically to this group of travellers.

Schengen Visa Types Available

Schengen Visas come in various forms, such as tourist, business, student and transit visas. Which visa you require depends on your purpose for travelling and Chinese nationals/Green Card holders must clearly state why they’re coming to Europe to obtain the appropriate one.

Requirements For All Applicants


Be sure your passport remains valid at least three months beyond your departure date, with at least two blank pages for visa stamps.

Application Form For Schengen Visa

Download and complete a Schengen visa application form from your primary destination’s embassy or consulate website.

Passport-Sized Photos 

Please attach passport-sized photographs meeting Schengen requirements as recent attachments to this application form.

Travel Itinerary

Create a comprehensive itinerary of your travel, detailing all relevant arrangements, such as flight and accommodation reservations. Your round trip itinerary for visa isn’t just a piece of paper; it’s your proof of a well-planned journey, essential for a successful visa application.

Financial Proof

To demonstrate that you can support yourself during your stay in the Schengen Area, bank statements, income certificates or sponsorship letters may be requested as evidence of financial capacity.

Travel Insurance

In order to visit Schengen countries, travel insurance that provides medical emergency and repatriation cover of at least EUR30,000, be sure to familiarise yourself with their respective requirements before making any bookings.

Invitation Letter (If Applicable)

If you are planning a visit, friends or family require legal status in Schengen country. An invitation letter should include this information.

Documents As Proof Of Accommodation

Provide proof of accommodation arrangements during the entire duration of your visit, whether that means hotel reservations or an invitation letter from your host.

Noc For Green Card Holders

Green Card holders should obtain a No Objection Certificate from China that states their government does not object to them travelling to Europe.

Additional Requirements For Students

As a student, you must provide evidence of enrollment from your educational institution as well as proof of financial support.

Biometric Data

Be ready to submit all your biometric information – such as fingerprints – during the application process.

Application Procedure

The application process for visiting any Schengen country begins by visiting its consulate or embassy and applying. Appointments will need to be set up and payment made. Please be aware that non-refundable visa fees apply in some instances.

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Navigating Schengen Visa requirements as a Chinese national or Green Card holder can be complex. By understanding and meeting all the necessary criteria, your chances of obtaining this valuable travel document increase substantially, allowing you to explore Europe in all its beauty.

Whether travelling for tourism, study, business or employment purposes a Schengen Visa can open doors to an amazing adventure experience!

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