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Link building remains one of the most important search engine optimization techniques for improving a website’s authority and rankings in 2024. However, the days of simply buying links or exchanging links with any random website are long gone. Search engines like Google are cracking down on artificial or manipulative link building tactics. The focus now is on earning links naturally through high-quality content and outreach. Here are some of the most effective white hat link building strategies used by www.sbwds.com that still deliver results.

Produce Remarkable Content

  • One of the best ways to attract legitimate links is to simply create content that people want to reference and cite. This should be part of every website’s overall content strategy.
  • Focus on producing in-depth, well-researched resources like guides, how-tos, and reports that provide value for your audience.
  • Optimize content for organic search visibility through keyword research and on-page SEO best practices.
  • Distribute and promote your content through social media, PR outreach, email marketing, and other channels to get it in front of more potential referrers.

Guest Blogging

  • Finding reputable websites related to your industry and contributing high-quality guest posts is still a worthwhile link building tactic.
  • Make sure guest blogging opportunities are on sites with good domain authority and traffic, and that allow dofollow backlinks.
  • Craft pitches that show how you can provide an interesting and informative article that fits the publication’s needs.
  • Write compelling, original guest posts that don’t appear spun or over-optimized. Focus on good storytelling and being helpful for readers.

Local Link Building

  • Earning links from local business partners, directories, and organizations can be tremendously helpful for local SEO.
  • Identify potential link sources like chambers of commerce, business associations, local blog/media sites, and vertical directories related to your location and industry.
  • Get involved in local organizations and volunteer for partnership opportunities and sponsorships. Links from .edu or .org sites are seen as high-quality.

Outreach for Link Insertions

  • You can proactively build high-quality links by identifying websites where your content would be a good fit to reference or publish, then directly pitching it to them.
  • Make sure sites are relevant, reputable, and complementary before reaching out.
  • Personalize emails to explain who you are, your relationship to what you’re pitching, and why the information would be valuable for their audience.

Participate in Link Roundups

  • Keep an eye out for popular link roundup posts in your field and submit your content for inclusion.
  • Make sure pages you suggest align closely with the roundup’s theme and offer significant value for readers.

broken link building

  • Find broken links on high-authority pages in your industry with tools like Ahrefs Site Explorer and Pitchbox.
  • Contact the website owner, alert them to the broken link, and offer up applicable content of yours to replace it with a working link.

Link Reclamation

  • Use link reclamation when you’ve lost an important linking domain that’s either dropped off completely or now links to a different site.
  • Do outreach to notify the webmaster that their link is broken or redirected and offer relevant content to restore your link.

Get Resource Links on Directories

  • Sign up for and fully complete sound directory listings related to your industry like Crunchbase and Amazon Alexa Skills.
  • Provide as much robust information as possible, including photos, videos, content, offers and contact information.

Link Internally

  • Don’t forget about optimizing internal linking from within your own website. Link relevant pages together in natural ways.
  • Review site architecture and re-organize it if needed so related content has logical linking flows between it.

A healthy natural link profile remains one of the foremost factors for ranking well in 2024. But artificial shortcuts and manipulative tactics can seriously hurt you. The strategies above focus on earning links through remarkable content and outreach the right way. Link building is both an art and a science — with the right approach, it can drive sustainable growth and visibility.

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