Interstate Auto Shipping: How to Save Big on Your Next Move


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Moving to another part of your state can be exciting but also overwhelming. Taking care of so many things at once can be challenging. Therefore, it is good to outsource some of the responsibilities to trustworthy and effective professionals like auto shipping companies. 

Interstate auto shipping can not only be relieving, and efficient but also cost-effective. To better understand how outsourcing your interstate move to an auto shipping company can save you money big time, read this article to the end. 

Benefits of Interstate Auto Shipping

To understand the cost-saving aspect of interstate auto shipping, let’s dissect each benefit and how it can lead to saving money. 

Time and Energy Savings: 

Driving your car while moving all your house’s luggage and furniture can be exhausting and time-consuming. This exhaustion can be exacerbated if you have two or more cars. Going back and forth not only becomes expensive but impossible for most movers. Don’t forget the toll on your physical and mental health. 

Therefore, it is better to hand over your vehicle’s shipment to an interstate auto shipping company while you take care of other aspects of your move. 

Whether you’re an employee or a businessman, time is money. Not being able to focus on your profession can cost you money. 

Reduced Wear and Tear: 

Moving to your new place with all your luggage can not only be debilitating for you but also for your car. The wear and tear your car experiences along lengthy trips can wear and tear your car. From your car’s engine oil, brakes, and suspension to its gearbox and engine, everything is put under pressure. 

All these things are momentarily ignored but later on, they will result in extra maintenance and repair. 


Driving back and forth between your new and old home can be a lot of hassle. Choosing professional auto shippers can take away that hassle and make it convenient for you. Allowing you to move to your new home stress-free. 


While moving to their new home, people don’t take into account the stops they will need to take during their long journey. These stops can often lead to expenses like food and accommodation. If you choose professional shippers for your move and move to your new location by air, you’ll most likely save on these costs. 

Secure shipping

While this may sound absurd to most, shipping your car on a car hauler is safer than driving all by yourself. Since cars on a car hauler are packed several feet above the road, they are mostly safe from side-by-side collisions. Also, car-hauling drivers are professionals, they know how to get your car on the hauler without the slightest damage. 

Lastly, when you hand over your car to an auto shipping company, you sign a bill of lading where your car’s condition is extensively mentioned. Since most good interstate auto shipping companies provide insurance coverage, you can rest assure that if any damage is caused to your car, the company wil have it fixed for you. 



How to get the best interstate auto shipping service?

Now that you’ve gone through all the ways you’ll be saving money by shipping your car with a reliable interstate auto shipping company, your next cause of concern would be to ensure that the company you choose makes life easier for you. 

While good auto shipping companies can make your life easier, bad ones can make it hell. They can do various things that will only add to your frustration like quoting higher prices, delaying the shipment or damaging your car. 

To avoid these situation, following the below mentioned tips can help you get the best interstate auto shipping. 

  1. Choose a shipping company that is reputable, accredited, insured and has an online presence. 
  2. Compare quotes from different auto shipping companies, and see what’s best you. Don’t go for too low or too high quotes. Quotes that are too low to be true are mostly offered to lure you and revert back once the shipping day is near. 
  3. Prepare your car for shipping. Remove all your belonging, especially any expensive items. Clean your car, and take pictures to captivate the condition of your car before shipping. 
  4. Read the Bill of Lading clearly while giving away your car. Make sure to recheck the insurance coverage part clearly. 
  5. Make sure you have the driver’s number before sending of your car. 
  6. Upon collecting, ensure that your car is in the same condition as you had given it away. Make sure to raise a claim if your car is damaged before signing of the bill of Lading on the receiving end. 


Interstate auto shipping is a great service to get. Some states like California, Texas and Alaska are too big to be diving your car around. In cases like, moving from San Diego to Sacramento or Anchorage to Faibanks can take 7-8 hours non-stop. Doing do can be exhausting, dangerous, and for most people impossible. This is where Interstate auto shipping companies come into place. 

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