How To Get Europe Health Travel Insurance For Schengen Visa Processing?


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There are many ways to get dummy travel insurance for visa applications. However, you must know that Schengen countries have completely unique sets of requirements when it comes to travel insurance while each other European country has its own sets of rules. 

How To Get Dummy Travel Insurance For Visa Applications

You can get dummy insurance for visa online. There are dozens of companies out there selling insurance online for Schengen and the rest of the European countries. But before making any purchase, you have to ensure that the company you are buying the insurance from is legit. 

When you are purchasing the dummy travel insurance for a visa, always ensure that you do so from a US-based company. It is because rules and regulations are very strict when it comes to doing business in the USA. They will simply impose hefty fines if you deceive the customers through exaggerating claims or marketing. On incessant violations, the US regulators will ban you from doing business in the country. 

Second, go to the digital multiverse and read testimonials from the client. You can do so by visiting the testimonial section of the website. But, the integrity of this section is often compromised. 

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The best way is to explore community platforms such as Quora or Reddit or third-party platforms such as TrustPilot or Google’s review section. If the ratings there are good (anything above), you can proceed with the purchase of dummy travel insurance for visa application. 

Specific Requirements For Travel Insurance For Visa Applications

There are various requirements for travel insurance for visa applications. Some of them are as follows:

  • Your dummy travel insurance for visa application should provide minimum coverage specified in the requirements or guidelines. For a Schengen visa, the amount stands at 30,000 euros. For the rest of the European states, the amount varies for each country. You can visit the embassy’s website to know more about specific requirements.
  • Coverage: Be it Schengen countries or individual EU states, both of them want you to get yourself covered during the whole duration of your stay in the respective zones.
  • Emergency evacuation and repatriation coverage: Both EU states and Schengen countries want you to get financial cover in the form of dummy travel insurance for visa application. It comes in handy if the itinerant falls ill, sustains any injury, or dies. In all of the aforesaid scenarios, your travel insurance will cover you financially. 

Schengen travel insurance is required as visa officers from the EU or Schengen states do not want you to become a financial liability to the welfare and healthcare systems. 

It is pertinent here to mention that without dummy travel insurance for visa applications, your visa will not get approved. However, attaching one will increase your chances of getting a visa by manifold. 

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